'Unthinking' is one of the worn walls works, using a limited palette and gold foil.
It draws on shapes and inspiration from a worn wall I was entranced with on a trip to Exmoor - unusual in its vertically stacked stones, my type of 'disrupted' pattern!
My explorations around 'worn' have helped me to understand why I'm so drawn to worn, imperfect surfaces . There's the inherent beauty in objects which have been around some time, which have depth and history to their appearance; then there's the link to the stuff that wears at us in life, making us who we are and how there can be real beauty in finding acceptance within this.

The is one of 3 works on paper showing in Milan at the gallery of Young Art Hunters in a group show, 'Beneath the surface' with Global Artelier 21 from May 13th 2023. The works are 50cm by 70cm on 300gsm acid-free paper sold unframed. Images in frames and in rooms are for illustration only.