I'm Julia Weston, mixed-media artist, creativity coach and educator.  I live in Clevedon, North Somerset with my partner Pedro and aged cat, Vasco. 

Shedstudio52 is named after the  shed in the back garden of my previous home in London where I spent my days happily creating. The number 52 was both my house door number and the age I was when I created my Instagram account and website. Here in Clevedon I'm temporarily working out of a bedstudio space until I can build a new garden studio. 

I'm both a printmaker and a painter -  working on cradled panels and on paper in a wide range of mediums including acrylics, inks, collage and mono-printing from anything I can find to hand.
I take inspiration from a growing consciousness of what it is about life that lights me up - be it worn surfaces or repeated patterns or local beach weeds -  and from frequent visits to Portugal and I tend to become obsessed with an idea, which I then explore at length. 

Working in sketchbooks is a part of my practice and it's how I often start my sessions and find my flow as well as allowing more freedom and explorations into my art.

I'm also constantly learning by taking courses led by practicing artists whom I admire. Nicholas Wilton's CVP 12 week intensive programme, which I took in Spring 2021 and again in 2022,  was one such course which has really deepened my painting practice and my understanding of so many aspects of creating. 

I'm a member of ArtCan, an artists led non -profit arts organisation and a member of Global Artelier 21, a collective of 9 artists who met during CVP in 2021. 



Additionally, I've worked in education for over 25 years and adult education for about 20 years including running teacher training sessions in art. 
And it's these combined skills  - in art and teaching - that I will be bringing to in-person classes in Clevedon starting in Autumn '24.