Sister Act 1

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The 'Lines of communication' series is a look at the multi faceted meanings inherent in communications - what is revealed or concealed. There's a challenge in being able to show up authentically as a woman in society (be it in the work place or the home or even in our art) without being told we are ‘too’ (bossy, emotional, loud . . .) So much of what we want to say and how we want to show up becomes concealed or reduced and we sensor ourselves.
This is conveyed through layers of collage and paint and mark making where the actual text is rarely fully revealed.
'Sister Act 1' is one of a pair of paintings in a similar colour palette and vein and is about the contradiction between joyful free expression and an element of control and caution in what you say.

50cm square mixed media work on a birchwood cradled panel, sold ready to hang unframed. Finished with cold wax.
Framed pictures for illustrative purposes only.
Free UK shipping; International quotes supplied on request.

This work was on display throughout March 2023 in the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith as part of an International Women's Day celebration of London female artists in a show called 'Through her eyes'.